SEO Article Writing: Why It’s So Important

January 17, 2022

Here’s everything you should know about SEO article writing

So, you’ve got questions about SEO article writing. That’s great! We are here to explain what it is, how it works, and why you should be doing it. So, sit back, get comfy and continue reading to learn more…

What is SEO article writing?

Let’s begin with addressing what SEO is, for those who may be unfamiliar. SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This is the method of adapting your content so it is noticed by a search engine’s algorithm. Google, for example, will show its users results that it thinks will be most helpful. This is based on what keywords they search for. But it is also based on a variety of other aspects, such as article lengths and readability.

SEO article writing is all about writing articles with this information in mind. It is about structuring and developing an article to optimise SEO methods.

An SEO agency may offer services such as:

How does SEO article writing work?

Often times, companies will hire copywriters to conduct SEO article writing for them. This is because copywriters do this for a living, so you can be assured they know what they’re doing.

A copywriter knows that when they’re writing for SEO, there are certain elements that need to be done. One of those is the use of keywords. Copywriters and SEO content executives will research how often particular keywords are searched for. This way they can decide which keywords to focus on in their writing. The main aim of these efforts is to climb the search engine results pages (SERPs) to gain visibility.


They will make sure they use these keywords throughout their SEO article writing, as this is the best way. A few years ago, there were various SEO hacks that have since been made redundant. One of these is called keyword stuffing. Many companies would litter keywords all over their web page and change the colour to match the background. This meant you could not see the keywords, but they were still in effect. Others will throw in the keywords any and everywhere they can, to the point the article stops making sense.

These methods can now get you pushed down in search engine algorithm since technology keeps getting smarter.

Considering structure within SEO article writing

Another important element of SEO article writing is structure. Writers know that short sentences are better for SEO. This is because short sentences are considered easier to read. Search engines like this, so they’ll approve of articles with good readability.

They also know that breaking up an article is good for readability. No one likes big chunks of text. People are more likely to continue reading if it is broken down into manageable chunks. Using headings for each section is also great as readers can skip to the bits they’re most interested in. You can even break up an article with images, graphics, and videos. These are another way of keeping your readers engaged. The longer your readers are engaged, the better.

Internal linking for SEO article writing

Internal linking is an important SEO method. This is where you add links in your content to other pages on your website. For example, if you write a blog about branding, you may mention logo design or graphic designers. If you have blogs on either of these topics, make sure you add a link. That way, your readers can go there next.

This is important because search engines follow these links and register your site’s content in an index. The more links to your content, the better, as you’ll climb the SERPs.

Length is important for SEO article writing

One thing that search engines love is lengthy blogs. So, when conducting SEO article writing, try to write as much as possible! The more you can write about, the more useful search engines will register your content to be. This does not mean write a load of waffle. You should always make sure your content is relevant and informative. This is what will keep readers coming back to your site.


So, there we have a few important points on SEO article writing. This may be the basics of SEO article writing, so if you require further assistance, get in touch! We would love to be able to support you however we can.

How our team can help you!

We would love to hear about your business goals. So, why not contact us and speak to one of our team? We can brainstorm how we can produce the best content for you. Then, we will use our experience to make recommendations. We pride ourselves on delivering results. We will provide you with predicted outcomes so that you can make an informed decision.

Our team works within 6 areas of content creation. So, we offer services for copywriting, websites, illustration, design, branding, and marketing. We have worked with companies in over 20 countries worldwide. If you give us the go ahead, we will provide you with a quote. Our team will then get to work on creating the content of your dreams!

See something you like? Let’s get started!

 Get started with Vocal in 4 easy steps:

Step 1 – Tell us about yourselves! We want to hear about your company’s goals and ambitions. What do you want your marketing strategy to achieve?

Step 2 – Now it’s our time to shine. We’ll do some research and create a proposal of ideas – just for you! This includes recommendations drawn from our extensive experience. Are you ready to hear our ideas?

Step 3 – There’s no point investing in your content if you don’t know what it will do for your business. So, based on our knowledge and experience, we’ll make predictions about the likely outcomes of the content. That way, you can see how our services are going to benefit you.

Step 4 – Finally, we’ll provide a quote for our services. Once that’s out the way, then the real fun can begin! We’ll get started on the content of your dreams!

Let’s get Vocal! Get in touch with a member of the team and get ready to watch your business grow.

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