Which SEO content creation strategy is right for you?

April 21, 2021

SEO content creation strategies you can adopt today

SEO content creation is vast, there are many strategies to choose from and the process can we difficult. But don’t worry! In this blog, we will share several methods of approach to optimise your content creation strategy and see results.

Define your goals

It is important to identify the fundamental goals of your content. This makes it easier to achieve the desired results. Each piece of content needs to have a clear objective to build content around. Clear aims mean the content is as direct as possible. Defining the purpose of your content also means you can decide which format will be most effective.

Researching audience

It is crucial to understand your audience so you can target your content to their interests, wants and needs. Reddit is a website that can give great insight into audience preferences. By recognising what your audience needs, you can cater your content to appeal to them. Their problems can even serve as excellent title elements to draw them in.

Using demographic analysis tools such as Google Analytics can help you to determine which content is producing the best results. These essentially act as the other half of a conversation. They tell you what your audience likes and dislikes. Do not assume this is the only way of gauging feedback. Asking for your audience’s feedback, particularly over social media, is the easiest way to reach them. This also makes them feel like their opinion matters. From this feedback, you can make amendments to show that you want to improve and value your audience.

Solving the audience’s problem

After researching your audience’s issues, you can brainstorm ways to tackle these problems and find solutions to present to them. For example, if you see someone complaining online, take that complaint and provide an answer. They will want the easiest and quickest solution, so you must provide that over other competitors.

What makes you unique to your competitors?

Your audience must recognize your abilities and strengths that set you apart from competitors. Case studies are also a great way to show your audience your expertise. They show that you are reliable and credible. These should absolutely be included within your content. Further on in this blog, you can find tools to help recognize your competitor’s analytics. Providing a unique selling point (USP) will also help you stand out. 

Amplification channels / formats

There are a variety of platforms available to publish content. Social media likely reaches the highest engagement ratings with the largest audience as so many people hang out there. This can also ensure your content is reaching your audience. It is also easier for your audience to share the content themselves. Your content must be adapted to these formats, which can work to your advantage.

Knowing your audience means you will feel more confident in choosing the format of your content. If you have been regularly producing blog posts, you could compile them in the form of an eBook. Having a variety of content formats can also mean further audience reach. Some people prefer to absorb information through videos rather than reading. Altering blog posts into video scripts is another way to maximise your SEO content creation.

Create an editorial calendar & CMS

Editorial calendars and content management systems (CMS) are an essential part of team productivity. Through this, you can track content, workflow and publishing dates. Editorial calendars allow multiple people to collaborate on the project at once. By tracking publishing dates, you can see how often you are publishing content. You can also look at which formats of content are getting the most engagement. This makes it easier to optimize SEO content creation. Content management systems also show who is working on which projects at a time. You can organize which aspects of content creation may need more attention, and who can do it. Assigning specialists to each element, someone focused on social media, for example, will also enhance SEO.

Content ideas

There are several free tools you can use to help your SEO content creation.

Hubspot’s Website Grader is a great tool for learning how to improve your site for free. The website grader measures marketing effectiveness and provides inbound marketing scores. This gives an insight into SEO and can help you manage your content creation based on the results.

HubSpot also has a blog idea generator tool, another fantastic content creation aid. Simply enter a noun and they do the rest. Titles should not be overlooked as they are what draw in readers. They need to be engaging and interesting. Ask yourself “What’s in it for me?” for your audience, this will help you to highlight exactly where to focus. The title shouldn’t be too long, should use strong words and include your keywords.

Feedly is a tool that compiles information from various websites. This allows you to view updates on your interests from news, blogs, social media and others. Feedly saves a lot of time by having all the information together. You won’t have to spend time visiting multiple sites.

BuzzSumo is a site that allows you to research content and analytics. You can see which social media sites have the most interaction with content, the number of links and total engagement. The Evergreen Score is their internal ranking system that measures growth in engagement.

However, tools can only take you so far and eventually, you will have to start writing. Not everyone is a natural-born writer and that’s okay. If you don’t have the right skills in your team, our writers are primed and ready to help. Check out our copywriting services.


To effectively implement an SEO strategy, it’s important to recognise and utilize keywords wherever possible. You can do this by focusing on the most searched words that are appropriate to your business. Google Trends is another excellent tool where you can compare keywords and see interest over time. Another option would be the Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

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