5 Tips You Need to Know for Copywriting for Landing Pages!

March 14, 2022

Type your way to conversions with copywriting for landing pages


Copywriting for landing pages is incredibly important. Landing pages are nigh on sacred for copywriters. Indeed, in marketing, it’s a powerful tool of conversion. So, in this blog, we’ll walk you through the 5 steps it takes for an outstanding landing page.

1. Who are you writing for?

It’s fantastic having a product/service to sell, but an important question needs to be asked… Who is it for? To be successful when copywriting for landing pages, you need to zero in on your target audience. This applies to any form of copywriting for sales.

A common strategy nowadays is pain-focused marketing. Essentially, making the customer aware of a problem and presenting your service as the solution. For example, you could use our services when we explain that successful copy requires a lot of time. Therefore, our outsourcing service is a logical solution. It’s a powerful marketing tool, but it needs to be used properly in order to avoid negative working relationships.

Another method is empathy, where you surprise the customer with understanding and empathise with their situation. This understanding is then directed towards the solution.  This can grow respect, which helps when you’re building working relationships.

2. Take your time with the headline

So here we are – the top of the page. The headline needs to fully engage the reader with your product or service. It needs to be big, clear and bold.

How do you achieve that?

Ultimately, if you’ve identified the reader’s goal, you’ll understand the roadblocks that stop them from achieving that. An example could be:

“How to generate 47,000 visitors a month without spending a penny on ads!”

What’s going on here? Well, you’re using a definitive figure, perhaps an amount you’ve recorded in the past.

This suggests credibility and in turn, draws in the reader. You’ve silenced a common objection (finance is one of the most prevalent objections in sales) by stating it costs nothing,

3. Your hook/call to action

What items are you offering to the reader? A hook is also known as a page goal. You could offer things such as:

  • Free trial
  • eBook
  • Contest entry
  • Webinar registration.

If there’s one thing to remember about your hook, remember to only use one.

It’s great to use internal linking to drive the customer back into other pages.

But ultimately, that landing page is there for conversion.

If you’re not careful, too many links could distract the reader from your hook.

Internal linking is vitally important for SEO, but when it comes to landing pages, it’s wise to find the balance.

Ultimately, when it comes to copywriting for landing pages, you need to give the reader an enjoyable experience.

4. Using your testimonials

A well-placed and good-looking testimonial can sell your product/service ten times over. Ultimately, it provides the reader with a snapshot of the customer experience. Indeed, some companies absolutely capitalize on this, presenting their audience as evidence.

Headlines like, “Discover why 50,000 people use our service”, can be incredibly attractive to prospective customers. In essence, copywriting for landing pages needs that personal touch that testimonials provide.

5. Paragraph length

Setting word limits can really help retain the audience’s attention. Halfway through a 30-word sentence, the reader might just give up. And with paragraphs over 6 lines, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone invested. So, break up your paragraphs and keep your sentences to around 20 words. This way, your copy becomes more compact, and these limits help improve your style of writing.

In summary

We’ve done it! You’ve crossed the finish line on our blog regarding copywriting for landing pages. We covered quite a bit of content so how about we have a small recap?

  1. Who are you writing for? – Which section of society are you targeting with your copy? How well have you directed your content at them?
  2. Take your time with the headline – Take time aside to work on the title. Utilise the reader’s roadblocks to form your strategy.
  3. Your hook/call to action – What are you selling to the reader in exchange for their subscription? Find the balance when it comes to linking. Only include one call to action.
  4. Using your testimonials – Capitalizing on your audience’s reviews. Showcasing the customer experience.
  5. Paragraph limits – Set limits to your words, no more than 20 in a sentence. And keep your paragraphs below 6 lines.

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