Meet our team!

Jill Hudson

Global CEO / Account Director

John Hudson

Global COO / Digital Marketing Director

Kathryn Johansen

Head of Creative

Ajay Kumar Nimmala

Bid Design Manager

Jake Rayner

Graphic Designer

Prashant Swami

Frontend Developer

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Our Values

As a team, we are driven by our core values.

  • Be kind
  • Be fair
  • Be honest
  • Be brave

Together, we live by these principles and it resonates in our work. To us here at Vocal, this is more than just common sense. It’s the foundations we are built upon.

Our Story

Our Founder, Jill, has been working with creative businesses for over 20 years. In this time, Jill has managed contracts from $6,000.00 up to the hundreds of millions.

Jill is also the Managing Director of our parent company, Hudson Outsourcing. As a B2B organisation, Hudson is focused on delivering solutions that return investment for clients.

The Vocal Team always keep the end result in mind. Creative ideas and beautiful imagery are great, but you want to see a profit. We understand this and everything we do is derived from this core goal.

Hudson Outsourcing is our parent company. We're on a mission to increase the survival rates of businesses around the world.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is; our outsourcing solutions can help with every aspect of your development. 

Hudson Outsourcing was founded by Jill and John Hudson. Our team was built from the ground up. We started out as a small business in the North East of England. Now we have clients in over 40 countries, offices across the UK and the US and six outsourcing divisions. We like to think of our team and clients as a global family.

We work to structured processes, encourage learning and development at all levels and adopt a Customer First approach. We care about creating long term, sustainable businesses and protecting careers.

We want to help you DiscoverSucceedProcure, and be Vocal all while helping you learn via Alpha and develop with Hudson Labs.

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