6 Digital Writer Tips: Why Research is Key

July 19, 2021

Looking for insider knowledge from a digital writer? Hint: research is key

If you’re looking for insider knowledge from digital writers, then look no further. We are here to discuss some of the best methods of research. As well as why it is a crucial part of content creation.

Our digital writers have learnt the ins and outs of how to conduct research. Along with developing tips and tricks to help them along the way. Whether you are researching effective keywords, SEO strategies or topic information, we have tips for you! Research is important because it gives vital information to help you structure and outline your work. It is important for both creative and academic work. And it can stop you from missing out on SEO opportunities.

Research is key when writing content, especially when you’re writing to inform your audience. Shoddy research can lead to misinformation. This can massively affect your credibility and how your audience see you as a content creator. There are some ways to make research easier and effective. We have some of those tips from our own digital writers at Vocal.

  1. Starting off

Our digital writers use blog trackers to monitor and organize content. Firstly, we make a list of various content ideas and then any keywords associated with them. It is important to know your business and brand. As this is the core of your content.

We then use tools to look into how many times those keywords were searched for on Google. And to see which terms people use the most. Through this, we can use those keywords throughout individual blogs for search engine optimization (SEO). This means our blogs will be easier to find for people searching those particular keywords.


Keywords and search terms are a great way to gauge your audience and their interests. This is how you can focus on particular topics. See which search terms are popular and build your content around these topics.

  1. Research tools for digital writers

Our digital writers cannot recommend the research tool, SEMrush, enough. Through this tool, we are able to look at keyword analytics. We can look at a keyword’s competition level, and how many times they are searched for, and in which country. There is so much information to be found through tools like this. We can also research competition to see how many other sites are writing and producing similar content.

Long-tailed keywords

It is good to know when to use long-tailed keywords. These keywords often see less traffic, but they are specific. Since they are specific, they are more likely to reach more qualified users. Ensure that you choose the most relevant ones. The more particular, the better. This is best for SEO. Distinct keywords will reach users that are looking for that specific thing.

  1. SEO research that digital writers use

SEO research is very important. There are some great tools available to give you detailed insights. They include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Exact Metrics
  • SEMrush.

These can help you to gauge your audience’s interest in your content. You can see which pages are the most popular. As well as which ones receive the most engagement, this research can dictate the content you produce.

We have more blog writing tips for you if you need them, and secrets from our copywriters. To help with your SEO, we put together some tips to help you strategize effectively.

  1. Understanding algorithm

Technology is a wonderful thing, and Google is here to help you – if you know how to use it. Google’s algorithm ranks the most authoritative pages as the highest in the search engine results page (SERPS).  So, people are more likely to use the first few sites they find when using Google. You want to see your website as high up in the search rankings as possible. This is one of the best ways to reach your audience, and it is why SEO is so important.

Consider your credibility

One tip from our digital writers is to also be aware of how well your content is written. If your audience notices that your content has spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar, they will question how reliable you are. Writing content that has been proofread for these mistakes is a basic professional standard. So, if you aren’t doing this, people may question if your information may be misleading or false. Having an eye for these things is an advantage.

  1. Methods of research that digital writers use

Research for digital writers can also include researching the topics you are writing about. There are some vital points to consider when researching different topics.

Our digital writers use a variety of research methods. Webpages on Google are not the only way to do research. There are various medias to consider. Many people think of academic journals, articles and records as the only sources for research. These are still great sources, but do not limit yourself to those.


YouTube is brimming with information. To many people, watching a video is the easiest way to absorb information. A lot of the time, these videos can be straight to the point with the exact information you’re looking for. They are also often produced and presented by experts in the topic field. For example, a lot of doctors and lawyers make YouTube videos. This is to inform people of actual practising standards in comparison to tv shows and films. Or to give their professional advice.


Not all presenters are experts though. You should consider looking into the sources they may have used to ensure credibility. Oftentimes, you can decide this purely by looking at the comments under the video. Are the comments mostly people complaining that facts are wrong? Or that the video didn’t hold the information claimed in the title? Then don’t waste your time with it.

Other medias are also good, like podcasts. Again, these are often presented by professionals or enthusiasts. Sites often have a bibliography of their own sources so these can always be helpful too.

Checking source credibility is similar to looking at product reviews. Looking for a great hair dye that has lasting colour and doesn’t damage your hair? Looking at reviews can get you the answers you’re looking for. See what other people are saying. Not everyone is honest, so keep that in mind. Some sites may lie or exaggerate to sell products, so again, observing credibility is essential.  Reviews are a great form of research, particularly on products or services.

Further resources

Are you a student or someone who has access to a local library? It can always help to take advantage of these resources. Universities, especially, have vast amounts of resources. Not all of the information you may need can be found online. It depends on your topic, but books and newsletters etc. can hold the information you may find of interest.

  1. Staying organized is essential for digital writers

Digital writers know there is nothing more annoying than misplacing information! Keep a note (electronically is usually easier) of any sources, references or information you’ve looked at. This makes it easier to go back to information throughout your time writing. You might close a page and end up needing to check it again later. And it can be a nightmare trying to find it again. You should do this with all information you think may be useful, even if you haven’t developed an idea yet.

This is another reason why blog trackers are so useful. We can easily scroll down a list of all our content ideas. They include the important details of the best keywords to use. As well as how often they are searched and the competition rating. We can also track which of our digital writers are working on each blog.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you keep any references organized, then Evernote is a good choice. Evernote is one of many resources that you can use to help you stay organized. Similar resources are a great way to file your research. Being organised helps you avoid that feeling of being overwhelmed. Having a huge list of random website links can be jarring, particularly when looking for something specific. Always try to be organized – it saves time and effort.

  1. Search operators

Search operators are one of our digital writers’ favourite methods of doing online research. Calling back to our previous note on how Google is here to help. There are methods of research you can do using search operators. These operators are slight adjustments to what you search online, that have a massive impact on the results.

Quotation Marks

One is using quotation marks. When browsing on Google, it will conduct a search on your words in no particular order. However, you may be looking for a specific quote. All you have to do is surround those words with quotation marks. For example, if you type in a line from a song, Google may give quite random results. If you type those lyrics within quotation marks, Google will show you results that include that exact quote.  This can save you a lot of time.

Minus Symbol

Sometimes you can be searching for something, and the results are something else with the same name. You can use search operators to tell Google specifically what you’re looking for. You can do this by using a hyphen/dash. This way, the symbol acts as a minus. So, if you’re looking for the company Apple, you can search: Apple -fruit. This removes all search results that are related to the fruit. It acts as a sieve, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

These were just a few top research tips from a digital writer. Researching can be a tricky process, so it is important to be prepared. Plus, there are several tools to help you! We hope that you find them useful when conducting your research.

Our team – our digital writers & creators can help you

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