A Day in the Life of a Content Creation Agency

August 9, 2021

Want to know what it’s like to work at a content creation agency? Vocal’s got you covered…

 A lot goes on at a content creation agency. So, we thought we would share the ins and outs of our days at Vocal. Our team at Vocal has been growing rapidly in recent months. We almost struggle to keep up with all the new faces! But we are thrilled to be able to welcome and work alongside new talent. Each of our teams have their own responsibilities of course.

In our creative team, we have the marketing SEO content executives, as well as our designers, writers and digital wizzes. We are experts in six key areas of content creation. To help you get the most out of your business’ creative side, we offer support with:

  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Websites
  • Illustration
  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing.

Our Creative Team also produces content for our websites. This mostly consists of blogs on related topics and graphic design. We are Vocal about sharing skills and knowledge to help you. This includes SEO strategies, blog writing tips and guides from our copywriters. Read the thoughts of our writers!

First things first

At our content creation agency, a morning, for many of us, begins with coffee (of course!) We want to ensure we are ready and energized for the day ahead. Many of us arrive early to get a head start on the day. During this time, we focus on checking emails and messages to get up to date with any new information. Then, we check our daily schedule so we can prepare for the day. We usually check this the day before to plan ahead.

When our working day begins, the team comes together for a “huddle”. This mini meeting is an awesome way for us to discuss our plan of action for the day. It is also a great way for us to update each other on our progress. Along with asking for advice if needed. We are a team, so it is important that we help each other as much as we can. We then get to work!



Our copywriters focus on creating SEO-friendly content to help audiences find our client’s content. We understand the importance of website rankings and getting our client’s content as high as possible on the SERPs. There are certain skills involved in being an SEO content executive. We may be writers, but half the battle is conducting research and a lot of reading. We make sure to do as much research as we can. This is so that we can flesh out our work and ensure it is correct. We do not want to make false claims or use incorrect information!

Our copywriters are often tasked with reviewing and proofreading documents for clients and colleagues. So, writing skills and an eye for detail are essential for this role. Our content creation agency is tight knit, so we always aim to support each other, across all departments. The marketing team follow a three-stage proofing process to ensure the content is of the highest standard. This also gives us the opportunity to discuss any ideas or feedback with each other.

Once we begin writing our blogs, we usually spend some time researching the relevant topics. This is the best way to get the creative juices flowing and makes it easier to note ideas to develop.

Graphics and videography

At our creative content agency, our creative team also consists of our graphic designers, illustrator and videographers. Our designers work on making our websites look amazing and those of our clients. Looks matter, as much as we perhaps don’t like to admit it. So, our designers work to ensure a client’s brand appearance is up to scratch.

We have multi-industry experience, so we have an edge over our competitors. Our services are tailored to help clients develop and grow their business. They also work on design features of documents. We offer free tender training videos which were shot, edited and published by our team. Our illustrator also works daily on creating charming and eye-catching illustrations to delight customers.


 Our team regularly comes together for meetings to discuss and strategize content ideas and client projects. This is where we brainstorm as many content ideas as we can. Having several creatives bouncing ideas off each other is always fun and productive. No one wants their business to run out of ideas, especially not at a content creation agency! So, we always strive to be prepared with ideas. We all like to prepare some concepts before the meeting, so that we are ready to collaborate.

Staying organised

At our content creation agency, we know it is important to stay organized and on track. To ensure this, we use trackers to monitor which content is being created and by whom. Using editorial calendars and content management systems (CMS) are excellent ways of keeping on top of your content. And they are essential for optimizing team productivity. We also use KPIs (key performance indicators) so we can track our progress. This is another essential tool for ensuring we are all focused and staying on track.

Lunch time!

 At lunch, many of us like to visit small local businesses like to the local sandwich bar. We also enjoy having some down time to actually communicate about non-work-related topics with each other.

Before the pandemic, we would be able to spend lunch together a bit more freely. But we know the importance of keeping each other safe. So, we limit the number of people in each room at a time. This isn’t too big of an issue though, as we still find ways to catch up over lunch.

A lot of us like to take this time to go out and explore the area. We often go for walks so a lot of us keep a spare pair of shoes at the office. Taking some time out in nature can really inspire and motivate us before heading back into work. It’s a lovely way of feeling refreshed. (We’ve also learnt to keep antihistamines at hand now that we are in the summer months!)


After lunch, we dive right back into our work, feeling fresh and revitalized. The afternoon is the final push to get any of our remaining work done for the day. This is a good time to also check emails and messages again to make sure nothing is missed. Many of us take this time to proof each other’s work before continuing with our own.

End of day

At the end of the day, we try to finish off any work that we can before leaving the office. We then update our trackers. We like to track our wordcount and which of our projects we managed to get done in that day. This keeps us all on track and makes it easier to spot any areas in which we may be struggling. We strive to reach our goals the best we can. By knowing what may not have been finished, we can prepare for tomorrow. We know that we need to make time to ensure everything is finished off.

Then a lot of us begin the commute home! Some of us like to go for a run as part of our running team after work. We are big on fitness and health at Vocal. So, we try to encourage our team to look after ourselves.

With the world cup also now in full swing, many of us are following along. Depending on the time of kick-off, we will watch the game together after work. We have a dedicated creative room where our staff can get comfy and productive throughout the day. But its great as a social space too! So, it is perfect to host a world cup session with pizza and beer!

We hope you have enjoyed our blog on a day in the life of a content creation agency. At Vocal, our days are packed full of interesting projects and creativity. We may be a small agency, but we have big ideas!

Our team

We would love to hear about your business goals, so why not contact us and speak to one of our team? We can brainstorm how we can produce the best content for you. Then, we will use our experience to make recommendations. We pride ourselves on delivering results. We will provide you with predicted outcomes so that you can make an informed decision. If you give us the go ahead, we will provide you with a quote. Our team will then get to work on creating the content of your dreams!

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