Here’s What You Need for An Awesome Social Media Campaign

September 8, 2021

8 ways to boost your social media campaign… and your business!

 Do you have a social media campaign? If you don’t, why not? And if you do have one, what is it doing for your business? If you’re looking to switch things up, look no further! This blog will tell you everything you need to make your campaign awesome. Let’s dive in…


First things first, what is a social media campaign?


Before you actually do anything, you need to know what a social media campaign is.


Basically, a social media campaign is a digital marketing strategy to boost your business through your social media platforms. No matter what your goals are, you can use social media to meet them.


What can a social media campaign do for your business?


  1. Increase brand awareness


Introducing a social media campaign to your marketing strategy will increase awareness of your brand.


When you engage with your audience on social media, you are putting your brand out there. Even if your audience don’t make a purchase or subscribe to your service, your company’s name is on their radar. And if they ever do need what your company has to offer, they’re more likely to choose your brand.


  1. Expand your audience reach


A social media campaign is a great way to expand your audience reach.


Without a social media presence, you’re relying on the same customers time and time again. Of course, your regulars are crucial to your business! But you need to branch out to others if you want your brand to grow.


Just think about it. Every social media platform is a gateway to your next customer. And each platform will connect you with different members of your audience. So, a social media campaign that utilises all of your social platforms is key for growing your business.


  1. Improve customer satisfaction


First and foremost, social media is about networking and communication. That’s why a social media campaign can do wonders for growing your business.


Your customers want to know that your company is there for them. Engaging directly on social media is a great way to do that. Replying directly to comments or responding to messages makes them feel seen. And that individual attention will inspire confidence in your business!


  1. Drive traffic to your website


Still looking for reasons to create a social media campaign? Here’s another one: a successful social media campaign will drive traffic to your website.


It’s likely that SEO-friendly content and organic traffic are the main things driving people to your site, right? But why not boost your traffic even further through social media?


A social media campaign catches the attention of people who, otherwise, might not have come across your brand.


  1. It’s cost-effective


Here’s a great benefit of developing a social media campaign that we know you’ll love. It’s (mostly) free!


You can create social media platforms and post content on them without paying a penny. It doesn’t cost a thing to create social media accounts for your business.


While you can choose to invest in paid promotions, you can still produce a killer social media campaign without! That way, you can dedicate more funds to other areas of your marketing strategy.


How do you produce an awesome social media campaign?


  1. Focus on your goals


What do you want your social media campaign to achieve? Do you want to sell your latest product? Are you promoting an event? Do you simply want to enhance your online presence?


For an awesome social media campaign, you need to set clear and focused goals. Your goals will influence every aspect of the campaign, from the messaging to the visuals to the CTA.


  1. Know your audience


This is crucial for creating a successful social media campaign for your brand. You need to know your audience.


What are their likes and dislikes? What makes them tick? What will turn them off? You need to know the answers to these questions to produce an impactful social media campaign!


If you don’t get to know your audience, your socials will never pop.


  1. Find your voice


Your social media campaign is the perfect way to define your brand’s voice.


Your voice is so important because it’s part of what makes you… you. So, how do you want your audience to view your business? Fresh, witty and playful? Formal and sophisticated?


It’s important that you find your brand’s voice… and stick to it!


  1. Adapt for every platform


We’ve just told you to find your voice. Now we’re telling you to adapt your style for different social media platforms. Which is it?


The truth is, when it comes to producing an awesome social media campaign, you need to do both.


Yes, finding your voice is key. However, it’s also important to adapt that voice to suit the social media platform you’re using.


For example, it’s unlikely that you’ll use the same language on LinkedIn as on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. LinkedIn is your chance to connect with like-minded professionals. Whereas Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are your chance to build informal relationships with your audience.


It doesn’t make sense to use the same voice for each platform, does it?


  1. Use a killer CTA


A social media campaign will go nowhere without a killer call-to-action (CTA).


You might be thinking, ‘why is a CTA so important?’


Basically, a CTA is the final instruction to your audience. You need to encourage your audience to act in some way. Whether that’s to buy your product, subscribe to a service or follow your socials. It doesn’t matter what your company’s marketing goals are – as long as your CTA helps you meet them!


Without a CTA, your post would feel unfinished. Think about it. When was the last time you came across a post that didn’t end with some kind of instruction?


If you don’t include CTAs in your campaign, your audience might scroll past your post without acting. And what good will that do your business?


Some great examples of persuasive CTAs include:


  • Shop now!
  • Join our community
  • Book your next adventure
  • Discover your best life
  • Check it out!


  1. Time it right


Don’t just post on social media whenever you feel like it. For a successful campaign, you need to time it right.


When are your audience most likely to be online and active? If you’re aiming your products at parents, posting in the middle of the day is unlikely to reach them. They’ll be too busy working and looking after their kids! And it’s no good posting content for teenagers during school hours. Most teenagers won’t have access to their phone at school or college!


To be successful on social media, you need to see when your audience are most likely to engage with you.


  1. Make the most of visuals for your social media campaign


If you want your audience to engage with your social media campaign, you need make the most of visuals.


The visual elements of your social media posts are crucial for grabbing your audience’s attention. Generally speaking, people only read around 20% of content on a web page. Because of this, people are reluctant to read huge chunks of text. If your content isn’t visually appealing, your audience will scroll straight past your post!


To understand the importance of visuals for social media, think about your own scrolling habits. Would you stop scrolling for a post that was all text, no image or emoji in sight?


No! And neither will your audience.


Not only should your social media content be persuasive, but it should be eye-catching too. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter what you say in your social media campaign – no one will stick around to read it!


  1. Don’t forget your hashtags in your social media campaign!


Many brands are dubious about using hashtags in their social media posts. But if you want to run a successful social media campaign, they’re a must!


Hashtags help social media users find and connect with your post. When a particular hashtag builds an association with your company, it’ll help raise brand awareness too!


They’re also great for establishing a cohesive message across social platforms. Your voice might differ from platform to platform (see tip no. 4!), but your hashtags will bring the campaign together.


Want to create an awesome social media campaign? Get to know the Vocal team!


Here at Vocal, we’re a full creative service that knows a thing or two about content. We may be a small creative content agency, but we’re by no means shy!


Check out our list of services to see what’s on offer. No matter who you are, we’ve got your back!


See something you like? Let’s get started!


Get started with Vocal in 4 easy steps:


Step 1 – Tell us about yourselves! We want to hear about your company’s goals and ambitions. What do you want your marketing strategy to achieve?


Step 2 – Now it’s our time to shine. We’ll do some research and create a proposal of ideas – just for you! This includes recommendations drawn from our extensive experience. Are you ready to hear our ideas?


Step 3 – There’s no point investing in your content if you don’t know what it will do for your business. So, based on our knowledge and experience, we’ll make predictions about the likely outcomes of the content. That way, you can see how our services are going to benefit you.


Step 4 – Finally, we’ll provide a quote for our services. Once that’s out the way, then the real fun can begin!


Let’s get Vocal! Get in touch with a member of the team and get ready to watch your business grow.


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