Direct Mail Marketing That Lands

August 30, 2021

Direct mail marketing still works… here’s why

You might assume that direct mail marketing is a thing of the past. In a world that relies so heavily on digital technology, isn’t it a little outdated?

Of course, we can understand why you’d make that assumption. Nowadays, you can do pretty much anything online. Especially when it comes to marketing.

However, direct mail marketing still works and should have a place in your marketing strategy. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out more…

 What is direct mail marketing?

So that everyone is up to speed, let’s start with the basics. What exactly is direct mail marketing?

Basically, direct mail marketing is any physical advertising copy that is sent directly to the recipient.

Think about it, have you ever received a leaflet or brochure through your letterbox? They’re both examples of direct mail marketing.

 Improve your marketing strategy…

 You probably clicked on this blog assuming that direct mail marketing is a thing of the past. However, successful direct mail marketing can actually expand your audience and boost your company’s sales. Sounds pretty good, right?

Still not convinced? Here are 8 ways that direct mail marketing can improve your marketing strategy:

  1. It can have a bigger reach

We know what you’re probably thinking. How can direct mail marketing have a bigger reach when you can reach thousands of audience members so easily online?

It’s true – digital marketing is a great way to reach a wider audience. However, have you considered those that don’t have access to online platforms?

Obviously, this will depend on your company and your goals. But no matter what you’re trying to achieve, it’s still worth thinking about. How much does your target demographic use social media? How often are they checking their inbox?

Direct mail marketing will help you target audience members you might have otherwise missed. After all, they might not check their electronic inbox, but they’ll certainly check their mail!

  1. You can get creative

When your company uses direct mail marketing, you have a real chance to get creative. This is because, unlike electronic or digital marketing, direct mail marketing can be multi-sensory.

Not quite following yet? Let’s look at these awesome, real-life examples:

  • A Brazilian gym sent their customers calendars that featured a cut-out of a man and woman. As the customers flipped back each month, the man and woman got progressively slimmer. This showed the customers what they could look like if they committed to working out.
  • One marketing team got creative to promote World Water Day. They cleverly sent out mail that could only be read when soaked in water.
  • A security company got really creative with their direct mail. They slipped a large, flatpack box under their customers’ doors that would pop up when it reached the other side. The best part? On the box was the message, ‘breaking into your apartment is easier than you think.’ What better way to promote their security services?

Direct mail marketing is a great chance to be creative and think outside the box.

  1. It’s memorable

 Adverts are everywhere online. No matter where you look, you’ll find a company selling its products and services. So, how can you make your adverts stand out?

One way to stand out from the crowd: direct mail marketing.

It’s a memorable form of advertising because it’s less common. Typically, people don’t receive as much physical mail as they do in their inbox. So, when they receive a physical advertisement through their letterbox, it tends to stand out.

Of course, to really stand out from your competitors, your direct mail marketing needs to be worth remembering. Sending a boring leaflet with a few bullet points won’t grab your audience’s attention.

Don’t be afraid to do something edgy and different. Remember the security company from before (see number 2)? They were thinking outside the box and their customers won’t forget that mail any time soon!

  1. There’s less competition

 We’ve already talked about the fact that companies are relying more on digital marketing strategies to promote their products. But what does this mean for direct mail marketing?

Well, because more companies have moved online, this makes it easier to get noticed offline. When it comes to direct mail marketing, there’s much less competition

At first, you might think that less competition is a bad thing. If no one else is doing it, maybe it’s not a good move.

In reality, that’s actually the reason why you should be doing it. Because fewer companies are relying on physical advertisements, your direct mail will stand out. It’s highly unlikely that another company is also targeting your audience with a direct mail campaign!

  1. It’s long-lasting

Still not sure how direct mail marketing can help your company’s marketing strategy? We’re sure this next one will convince you: direct mail marketing is long-lasting.

What do we mean by this? Well, when you send physical adverts through the post, your customers are more likely to keep them. And potentially return to them on another day!

Think about it. Have you ever gone back through your emails to find a specific advert? Or scrolled through social media, hoping to spot a company’s latest ad? No, of course you haven’t! That’s because online advertising is usually about catching your customers in the moment.

However, that isn’t the case with direct mail marketing. When your customers receive something through their letterbox, they’re more likely to keep it for future use. Let’s say you send out a voucher for 10% off their next purchase. They might not need your product right now – but they can stick it on the fridge for later!

This works especially well for companies in the food and beverage industry. Have you ever tried to decide where to eat, only to remember the coupon sitting in your kitchen drawer? In many cases, the voucher is the deciding factor. Not bad for an ‘outdated’ form of marketing, right?

6. Direct mail is romantic

When you set out to learn about direct mail marketing, you probably weren’t expecting us to talk about romance.

But it’s true! Direct mail is romanticised in our culture.

Now that everything has moved online, receiving physical mail has become a novelty. Especially now that we rely so heavily on email and social media. When did you last write a letter to somebody by hand?

Because it’s so rare, people tend to get excited by physical mail. And that’s exactly why direct mail marketingworks! Even if they aren’t taken in by your latest offer, they’ll at least take notice of your company.

  1. Direct mail demands attention

When you use direct mail marketing, your audience will pay attention.

Why? Well, there’s an element of fear attached to physical mail. People hate being left in the dark, so they tend to open mail as soon as they receive it. After all, it could be something that demands their immediate attention.

For that reason, people don’t throw their direct mail away without checking it first. So, your advertisements will still get their attention, even if they aren’t interested right now!

  1. The best marketing strategies use multiple channels

Just because direct mail marketing works, it shouldn’t be the only form of marketing that your company relies on.

Think about your favourite brands and how they market their goods. We bet you can’t think of a company that only uses one platform in its marketing strategy! And that’s because, when you rely too heavily on a single platform, you might miss out on customers.

You wouldn’t rely exclusively on Facebook ads to boost your customer reach. Or post a few blogs and call it a day. The best marketing strategies use multiple channels!

Produce direct mail marketing that lands…

So, now you know how direct mail marketing can enhance your company’s marketing strategy. But how can you produce direct mail that lands?

Here are Vocal’s dos and don’ts of direct mail marketing:


  • Find your audience

 Just like any other aspect of your content marketing strategy, it’s important to define your audience.

There’s no point in spending money on direct mail that won’t actually do anything for your company. You can always expand your reach later down the line. But focusing on your target audience is the best place to start.

  • Target repeat customers

Direct mail marketing is a great way to attract new customers to your business. However, it’s also useful for keeping existing customers interested in your brand.

Keep track of which customers are engaging with your direct mail. Then when you run a direct mail campaign in the future, you know which customers will turn into sales.

  • Include a CTA

All of your content marketing should include a call-to-action (CTA) and direct mail marketing is no different. Make sure you tell your customers to visit your website, give you a call or spend their new voucher.

How can you expect your customers to act if you don’t tell them what to do next? The best CTAs are clear and defined. Don’t make your audience work for it!

  • Run tests before you commit

When you know who your target audience is, it’s time to test the effectiveness of your direct mail marketing. After all, you need to know whether it’s worth your company’s time and money.

You’ll also need to track your direct mail. Include a voucher with a unique code or create an exclusive email address for that particular campaign. It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as you can track your customer’s engagement. Just make sure it fits with your brand’s overall image!


  • Send out direct mail full of mistakes

It should go without saying: don’t send your customers direct mail full of mistakes.

This is important for all aspects of content marketing, but it’s especially important for direct mail marketing. With online marketing, you can go back and edit your copy as soon as you spot any mistakes. With direct mail marketing, you don’t get that chance.

Imagine this: you print out hundreds of your latest direct mail campaign. Just before you send it out, you notice a spelling error. Now you have to print out more copies, wasting your company’s time and money.

Or even worse, you notice the mistake after sending out hundreds of adverts to customers. Your customers’ first impression of your brand is full of sloppy errors!

  • Forget to follow up

So, you’ve sent out a batch of direct mail. Now what?

There’s no point in having a direct mail marketing strategy if you aren’t going to follow up with your customers. How will you know whether or not it was successful otherwise?

Track how many people are responding to your direct mail. Not only will know you whether your campaign is working, but you’ll know which customers to target for future campaigns.

  • Ignore your online presence

As we’ve already established, just because direct mail marketing works, it shouldn’t be the only form of marketing you use. Realistically, it won’t be the main focus of your marketing strategy. We live in a digital world – your online presence matters!

Remember to use your direct mail to drive traffic to your website and social media platforms. They’re the easiest way for customers to connect with your company.

  • Assume you’ll see results straight away

It’s so easy to get an immediate response in the digital world. However, things work differently with direct mail marketing.

People don’t always respond straight away. Maybe they’re saving a restaurant voucher for their next night out. Or waiting until their kid needs a new pair of shoes before using the 10% off code.

A direct mail campaign won’t deliver results right away. But that doesn’t mean you won’t see results eventually. Give it time before scrapping your campaign!

Need help with your content marketing strategy? Get in touch with Vocal!

Do you want help with your content marketing strategy? Whether it’s direct mail marketing, SEO content or social media copy. The Vocal team are here to help!

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