Facebook Ad Copywriting Tips to Create Awesome Content

August 6, 2021

Smash your Facebook ad copywriting in 7 easy steps

The world of Facebook ad copywriting can be a minefield. You have so much to say – but only a few words to say it in.

And there are so many Facebook ads out there already. How do you make sure that your ad is the one to deliver results?

Do you want to create awesome Facebook ad copywriting? We’re here to help you out! Follow Vocal’s top tips and get ready to smash your content!

But first things first – what can Facebook ad copywriting do for your business?

Maybe you’re questioning the importance of Facebook ads in your company’s marketing strategy. Really, what makes them so special?

Facebook ads are so important because they increase your company’s online reach.

Just think about it. How many people use Facebook on a daily basis? On average, Facebook has 1.37 billion daily active users.

Now, let’s think about how many of those users could be potential customers for your business. Sounds good, right?

But simply having a Facebook ad isn’t enough to draw in new customers. To really make a difference to your business, you need to know how to smash your Facebook ad copywriting.

Here are 7 steps to smash your Facebook ad copywriting:

  1. Find your voice… and stick to it!

If you want your Facebook ad copywriting to pop, you need to establish your brand’s voice.

You might be thinking, ‘why is finding a voice so important for Facebook ad copywriting?’ and we can understand why. After all, isn’t it good to keep your audience on their toes?

But that’s just not the case with ad copy. In the world of advertising, consistency is key. Your brand needs to be identifiable through your ad copy. If your audience can’t work out who you are from your Facebook ad copywriting, something needs to change!

And remember: your company’s voice lets your audience know what to expect from your brand. Your Facebook ads are a taster for what’s on offer. So, to make sure your audience knows what to expect, you need your Facebook ad copywriting to match your style.

If your products are aimed at teenagers, it’s no good using conservative language in your ads. Or if you’re aiming your services at older customers, modern internet slang just won’t cut it!

  1. Keep it short and sweet

When it comes to Facebook ad copywriting, keep it short and sweet.

It can be tempting to overload your audience with information. They need to know how great your product is, right?

But with Facebook ad copywriting, overloading your audience with information will actually work against you. In fact, you need to draw in your audience with as little copy as possible.

Think about your product. What makes it so great? Why does your audience need to buy it? What sets it apart from other products on the market?

You have limited space for your Facebook ad, so don’t be afraid to be choosey! Only talk about your product’s most important selling points. If it doesn’t tell you anything about the product’s value, don’t include it in the Facebook ad.

  1. Find a focus for every Facebook ad

When you sit down to tackle your Facebook ad copywriting, think about what you want that ad to achieve.

Do you want the ad to sell a particular product or service to your customers? Are you trying to sell a certain lifestyle to your audience?

With Facebook ad copywriting, you only get so many words to impress your audience. So, you need to make sure that you find a focus for each ad.

When you use your Facebook ads to promote a particular product, don’t talk too much about your company. Save that for your blogs and organic social media channels!

Instead, tell your audience exactly why they need to buy your product. What does it do? How will it make their life easier? Why do they need to buy it right now? You can tell them how amazing you are after they’ve bought your product.

And you’re not just promoting your product or service! Facebook ads are great for driving brand recognition. With Facebook ads, you can promote yourself through imagery, video, and branding. So, your audience will know exactly who you are – even if you aren’t directly boosting your brand!

  1. Give your audience FOMO

When it comes to smashing your Facebook ad copywriting, you need to know how to get your audience to act. What’s the point in social media advertising otherwise?

One of Vocal’s most important copywriting tips is to create FOMO with your content.

FOMO stands for ‘Fear of Missing Out’. The idea behind FOMO is to make your audience believe they’ll be missing out without your product or service. Your audience should believe that your product will make their lives better in some way.

And it’s used everywhere in advertising. In fact, it’s so commonplace in advertising nowadays that you probably don’t even notice it at work.

How can you use Facebook ad copywriting to give your audience FOMO?

To give your audience FOMO, you need to write with urgency. And it’s so simple – you’re probably doing it already!

The easiest way to give your audience FOMO is to make your product or service appear exclusive. After all, if anyone can access your product or service at any time, then what’s so exciting about it? Show your audience how amazing their life could be – if only they owned your product or subscribed to your service!

You can also make your audience act quickly by emphasising a time limit in your Facebook ad copywriting. Maybe your exclusive offer has a deadline, or your flash sale is nearly over. No matter what your company has to offer, you can create a sense of urgency to get them to act.

Think about the ads you see when you scroll through social media. What kind of language do they use? You’re probably used to seeing things like ‘for a limited time only’ or ‘sale ends soon’. And that’s because it works!

  1. Stick to one CTA in each post

Do you want to use your Facebook ad copywriting to impact your audience? Then each Facebook ad needs to have a clear and focused goal.

The most persuasive Facebook ads will only focus on one call-to-action (CTA) at a time. If you cram too much into one post, you’ll probably just confuse your audience. And if they don’t know what to do next, they’ll probably just ignore your ad altogether.

So, think about what you’re trying to achieve with your Facebook ad. Do you want your audience to buy your product, subscribe to your newsletter, or read your latest blog?

When you’ve decided on your goal, make your CTA clear and easy for your audience to find.

The best Facebook ads include a big CTA button.

Shop now! Learn more! Save 10%! Don’t make them work for it. Make it clear what you want them to do next.

  1. Take your content to the next level with visuals

Another great tip for awesome Facebook ad copywriting is to elevate your content with visuals.

Visuals are important for all aspects of advertising. But they’re especially important for social media copywriting.

There’s no doubt about it, social media is a visual medium. When people scroll through social media, a lot of content gets ignored.

Can you imagine stopping to read a huge chunk of text with no images? No, neither can we! That’s because we automatically reject content that seems unappealing. And a wall of text with no image, graphic or GIF is definitely not appealing.

So, to get your audience to stop scrolling and take notice, you need to use eye-catching visuals. And it can be anything. As long as it fits your brand and the message of the post.

But remember – only post an image if it’s relevant to the ad. If the image doesn’t fit the context of the ad, you’ll just confuse your audience. They might even question the quality of the product or service on offer. And that’s the last thing you want your Facebook ad copywriting to do!

  1. Test your Facebook ad copywriting to see what works – and what doesn’t!

To really smash your Facebook ad copywriting, keep track of what does and doesn’t work for your audience.

You can test every aspect of your Facebook ads. From the headline through to the CTA. Maybe a certain word choice is really driving up sales. Or a particular image isn’t really doing anything for your audience.

You might not always get it right the first time – and that’s okay! Testing your Facebook ads will help you learn from your mistakes. And keeping track of what does and doesn’t work will help you smash your Facebook ad copywriting in the future!

Want to smash your Facebook ad copywriting? Vocal can help!

If you’re looking for help with your Facebook ad copywriting – look no further!

Here at Vocal, we’re a full creative agency that’s crazy about content. From copywriting to illustration to branding, we’ll help you get results. No matter your marketing needs, we’ve got something for you. Check out our list of services and see how Vocal can help!

It’s about to get loud! Get in touch with a member of the Vocal team and get ready to watch your business grow.

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