10 web copywriting tips from experts

July 7, 2021

Tips to help you with web copywriting

Web copywriting can be a daunting task particularly if you’re just starting out. There is so much information about web copywriting, it can be easy to get lost in it all. We’ve put together 10 tips you should know when it comes to web copywriting.

  1. Refresh your writing skills

It goes without saying that a good copywriter needs to have exceptional writing skills. After all, that is their job. A good writer needs to be a master of grammar, punctuation and spelling. Further on from that, a good writer should also be able to:

  • Create easy to read content
  • Make complex topics sound simple
  • Use a good structure
  • Have a wide range of vocabulary.

If you want to be successful in web copywriting, your writing skills need to be second to none.

  1. Research

Fundamentally, one of the most important skills when it comes to web copywriting is the ability to research effectively. Research gives you a better understanding of the topic you are writing about. You wouldn’t start writing about a topic you knew nothing about, would you? Researching gives you the chance to learn more about different industries and broaden your knowledge.

Being internet savvy is a great start. You need to know how to search for things on Google properly. Think about what keywords would be used often for that topic.

  1. Know your audience

It’s important to know who you’re writing for. There’s no point writing a bunch of content if you have no idea who you want to read it. Make sure you tailor the type of vocabulary you use to suit your target audience. If you are writing content for pre-teens, don’t use overcomplicated words and complex sentences. They will struggle to comprehend what you’re saying.

There are some great tools available to help you track how well your content is engaging with your audience. These tools include:

  • Google Sitekit
  • Google Analytics
  • Exact Metrics
  • SEMrush.
  1. Use keywords for SEO

The use of keywords is important when it comes to web copywriting. Think about how the use of search engine optimisation (SEO) can increase engagement with your content. You should use keywords as much as you can in your content to rank higher on Google’s search engines. Be sure to use the keywords wisely and don’t use them where it doesn’t make sense. Using keywords in your headline and your opening line is crucial. It will make your work easier to find.

  1. Remember to proofread

We can’t stress enough the importance of checking your work and checking again. It’s expected for a copywriter to have impeccable spelling and grammar skills, but we all slip up now and again. When posting content, make sure you’ve read through it multiple times so there are no mistakes. The last thing you want to do is post content that has spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Your audience won’t be able to read it, not to mention how unprofessional it looks.

Top tip: Ask someone else to check over your post. Sometimes a second pair of eyes can spot mistakes you may have missed.

  1. Write powerful headlines

Another top tip in web copywriting is don’t neglect your headline. Your headline is the first thing your audience is going to see, so it needs to be powerful. If your headlines aren’t engaging with the reader, they won’t read the content. Your headline may need to be written several times to make it right. Investing time in writing an engaging headline is worth it. It’s not just the main body of your content that needs to be powerful, but your headlines too.

  1. Make it scannable

Most people don’t read word for word. They scan text to find what they are looking for. Making your copy scannable makes it easier to read and keeps your audience interested for longer. No one wants to read big bulks of text and it doesn’t look attractive. Big bulks of text will immediately put people off. Create white space around your text. You can break up your text with:

  • Bullet points
  • Numerical lists
  • Images
  • Single-line paragraphs.
  1. Call-to-actions

Call-to-actions are effective tools to get the customers to act on something. You should always finish your post with a call-to-action to keep engaging with your reader. A call-to-action should be something that is eye-catching and easy to spot, such as a button. If you’ve written a blog post about a hairdryer, add a button so they can buy it. Such as a ‘shop now’ button.

  1. Make your reader feel something

An effective web copywriting tip is you should try to make your readers feel something. If your copy doesn’t make your reader feel anything, it hasn’t had an impact on them. Your copy could make them feel happy, sad or just be something to think about. Any emotion is better than none. At least they’ve taken something away from your content. This technique helps draw the reader further into your site. Give them what they’re looking for and keep them coming back for more.

  1. Use media

Using media in your web copywriting will help engage with your audience better. Only 20% of people remember what they’ve read, but 80% remember visual content. Visuals can often be more effective in grabbing your audience’s attention and making it more memorable for them. Sometimes visuals can convey a message better than words. If a visual can say everything you need it to then use them. Some examples of visuals include:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Diagrams

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