8 tried and tested ways to elevate your web copy

June 30, 2021

Upgrade your web copy and convert visitors into leads

There are many ways to elevate your web copy. We aim to teach you a few of the most effective ways.

One of the main goals of writing web copy is for it to be read, seen and engaged with. But if you’re getting none of that, it can be frustrating. There are several tried and tested methods of boosting your web copy. We are going to discuss some of the most effective ways and how you can give them a try.

Firstly…What is web copy?

Some people may find they confuse web copy with web content. This is an easy mistake to make. So, we wanted to be sure to break them down for you!

Web copy is used to drive a reader or user to actions involving sales. Whilst content is used to educate your audience. Both of them are important. Writing valuable and engaging content for your website can build a relationship with your audience. This can then lead to the success of your business through web copy.

  1. Use effective headlines

This is one of the most crucial parts of your web copy. It’s what can draw a reader in or send them away if it isn’t done right!

Readers like to know what a piece of writing is about before they start reading. No one wants to have to read an entire blog to find out whether their question will be answered. Likewise, if the headline does not capture the audience’s interest, they are unlikely to read it.

Effective headlines are usually ones that are clear and direct. It is also important that you ‘answer’ the headline in your web copy, to avoid leaving the reader feeling cheated.

Some great examples could go along the lines of:

  • The top 5 tools for managing money without pen and paper
  • The 3 best diets that won’t leave you hungry
  • You’re running out of energy! Here are 7 ways to fix it
  • You’ll be in hot water if you miss this guide on the best copywriting tips.

Ultimately, your headline works similarly to a formula (which we address in section 4). Your aim is to draw the audience in by noting a relatable issue and offering a solution.

  1. Keep it short and simple

Keeping your web copy short and simple is the way forward. Avoid using long-winded sentences and chunky paragraphs. Be sure you stick to the point you are trying to make and avoid waffling. You only have a few seconds to catch a reader’s attention, so presentation is important. Most of the time, people like to be able to skim through your work. So, it is important to focus on the necessary points in your web copy.

Optimise for SEO

If you want to use SEO, it is good to keep sentences at 20 words or less. You should also focus on using specific keywords, as often as you can throughout your work. These should also be included in your title, subtitle and the first line of your web copy. Using SEO will greatly improve your reach and growth.

  1. Have goals

It is important for your web copy to have a purpose. Each section should have a clear goal in mind that you want that section to achieve. This is a good way of making sure you stay direct and don’t waffle about unnecessary information.

  1. Use formulas

There’s a reason why formulas become formulas, it’s because they work! They also tend to be simple and easy to memorise and follow. There are many copywriting formulas you can find online. We have a selection of some popular ones to give you an idea of how they work.

One approach is to identify a problem and describe the world without that problem. Then explain how to get there.


Grooming your dog takes time. Imagine cutting that 1 hour into 10mins. Here’s how: [link]

Another copywriting formula for your web copy is the Attention, interest, desire, action (AIDA) method.

This formula works to capture the reader’s attention, with the use or persuasive writing. Then it attracts the reader’s interest in the related service or product. Making the reader desire the product or service leads to them wanting to take action.

The 4Cs formula is also a great one to keep in mind.

Broken down, it consists of these four points: clear, concise, compelling, credible.

Clear: Your web copy should be easy to understand by all readers. Use small words and short sentences.

Concise: Be sure to convey your information in the least amount of words.

Compelling: Keeping the reader interested is extremely important. Be sure you are targeting their needs, interests, problems and desires.

Credible: It is a good idea to publish customer testimonials and reviews. These back up your claims and improve your credibility. So, more people will be comfortable in trying your product or services.

  1. Know your brand

One of the most crucial parts of writing web copy is to know your brand. You should feel confident in your work and know the tone and personality you want to exude. Many brands often look back at their earlier work and realise how their copy had none of this. Write down bullet points of what you want your brand to say about itself. Think of how you want to be perceived. Once you are confident understanding your brand and aims, your writing will no doubt improve too! This makes it way easier to create memorable and personable web copy.

  1. Know your audience

Knowing your brand is great, but you also have to understand your audience. These can work hand-in-hand with one another. When you know your brand, you likely know your ideal customer. It is important that your web copy speaks to this ideal customer. Many writers will try to craft their web copy to appeal to everyone. This can make it harder to address their needs.

Use methods like customer surveys and interviews as a way to increase your understanding of your audience. Once you find the voice for your audience, you can make your web copy more fun and personable. Knowing who you are speaking to will make writing your web copy so much easier.

  1. Recognise impactful web copy

Being able to recognise great web copy can be helpful. Research what makes good copy great and use what you learn in your work. There are several examples across the internet for you to look into. Whilst some copy may be relatively in-depth, others can be short and simple. Yet they are incredibly powerful.


An example of a rather simple yet impactful copy is an ad created by the agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Georgia, USA was struggling with an increasing population of stray dogs due to abandonment. To tackle and raise awareness, Saatchi & Saatchi made a print featuring a compelling photo of a dog and owner. It is presented similarly to wedding vows and lists the human’s possible reasons for no longer wanting their dog. These reasons are positioned under the sentence “Till ___ do us part.”

Why it works

This is so powerful because it addresses the lifelong commitment of having pets. It aims to make people reconsider whether they can dedicate enough time to looking after their animals. It uses such a limited number of words, and yet communicates such a prevalent issue. 

  1. Editing and proofreading 

One of the simplest but best tips is to edit your web copy with fresh eyes. If you finish writing towards the latter half of a long day, you’re likely to feel a little tired. Sleeping and resting before you edit and proofread your web copy is a great benefit. You are more likely to notice mistakes and whether sentences are coherent. Reading the web copy aloud is another way of checking your work. Use your laptop to read aloud your work as well. This will make it easier to notice any spelling or grammar mistakes.

If you can, you should also have your work proofread by other people. This gives you a great insight to whether your work will be understandable to your audience. Ask them to read it to you if you think that could help you too.

Knowing these fundamental tips can really help you to elevate your web copy. By utilising these aims you are likely to see a noticeable difference in growth and engagement.

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