How to turn writing a blog post into income generation

June 11, 2021

9 ways you can start making money from writing a blog post!

There are many ways you can increase your income by writing a blog post. We understand everyone wants to know ways to increase income generation. So, we put together a range of methods to help you do just that. Even if writing a blog post is simply a hobby, it can’t hurt to earn whilst you do it!

Best blogging sites?

For those starting out their journey into writing a blog post, here are some of the websites we recommend using:

  • com
  • Medium
  • Wix
  • Blogger.


WordPress started in 2003 and is the most popular blogging software. It powers around 39% of all websites. It is a free software, but domain names and hosting are priced.


Launched in 2012, Medium is another great site for publishing your blogs. When you sign up to their free partner program, you can earn money. Money is earned when other paying members read your work.


Wix.com is a website builder where you can easily build your desired website. You can use this to add blog posts via the Wix Blog app. The free account is slightly limited, and it will show Wix ads on your site. But the setup is quick and easy, which should appeal to beginners.


To start your free blog on Blogger, all you need is a Google account. It is free and easy to use, especially for those not so savvy with tech. Many people who use Blogger do eventually migrate to WordPress to gain more features for their website.

These are only a few that we suggest for those starting off writing a blog post. There are plenty more you can find online that may be more suited to you. Researching other blogs can be a massive help. Look at which ones are successful, and what are they missing? Focus on tracking trends and how you can use your interests to create types of content. These can help your content to be more relevant when you start writing a blog post.

  1. Promote your blog through social media

Our first tip on writing a blog post is to utilise social media. Social media is an incredibly helpful tool for growing your blog. It can be useful to have social media accounts for your blog so that you can reach a wider audience. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are the biggest platforms, but LinkedIn can also be great. Focus on designing these accounts with the same theme so your brand is consistent and recognisable. Through these sites, you can engage further with your audience and keep them up to date with what’s going on. Social media is a great way of keeping your audience interested. Through these, you can also host giveaways/competitions to generate more engagement. You can also use these platforms to keep an eye on trends and the latest news. 

  1. Write sponsored posts

As your blog and social media grow, you are likely to receive requests for sponsored content. These are a great way to earn money but be sure to make them interesting and relevant to your audience. You should also disclose that these posts are sponsored. Writing a blog post about sponsors can increase traffic and recognition.

  1. Offer services

Provided you can prove to your audience that you are good at what you do, you can offer services. For a fee, allow your audience access to video tutorials and guides on relevant subjects. Maybe they want to know how you grow/manage your blog. Or things to consider when they start writing a blog post of their own. You can even offer workshops and courses. Gated content is one of the best ways to generate income. Offer to sell freelance blogging services relating to your topic. Or in today’s remote world, webinars are a great way to reach your audience.

  1. Write guest blogs

Your blogs may show that you specialise in a certain topic. Therefore, you’re likely to be contacted by other media outlets. When needed, they may ask you to write a blog for their website. For example, if you’re well-versed in cooking on a budget, a magazine may ask you to contribute budget-friendly recipes.

It can also be beneficial to reach out to publications. Don’t be afraid to pitch ideas and give them information on who you are and your blog. It’s a great way of getting your name out there and getting your blog recognition.

  1. Offer to sell ad space

Selling add space is another great way to increase your income when writing a blog post. Banner adverts are a more visual way of advertising. You can sell space for these on your blog page. It is good to ensure they relate to your readers, though. Through these, you can earn income in one of two ways. Cost per click (CPC) means you get a set payment for every reader who clicks on the advert. Another method is a negotiated set payment for every 1,000 impressions the advert gets. Another ad space selling strategy could be to offer space on your newsletter or social media headers. These cannot be affected by AdBlock and could be more beneficial.

  1. Promote an affiliate product

An affiliate program is where a business hires another business or influencer (known as an “affiliate”). The affiliate’s job is to send traffic and help to generate sales. It is good to try to collaborate with businesses that are relevant to your blog and audience. The affiliate simply promotes a product, usually with their own discount, through a personal link. An example could be a business that sells kitchen appliances. They could reach out to a blogger/YouTuber who focuses on baking or nutrition. The influencer could feature one of their products as a recommended tool when writing a blog post.

  1. Merchandise

Many creators offer merchandise for fans. These could consist of a t-shirt or mug with the creator’s catchphrase printed on. There are loads of options for merch products. Clothing is usually the go to, things like t-shirts, hoodies and hats. But you could also look into making PopSockets and phone cases. All of these items can be seen by other people, which are another way of promoting your content.

You can sell merch directly from your blog, or through sites like Etsy or Shopify.

You could even collaborate with a graphic designer or artist to increase your audience and create awesome merch! Stickers and prints, relating to your blog, are also great. By doing these prints and stickers monthly, your audience can be encouraged to collect the various rewards. Have them all focused on a particular theme. For example, if you write blogs about your favourite fantasy novels, include prints and stickers of fantasy creatures!

  1. Offer to review products (for a fee)

Another way to generate income when writing a blog post is to contact businesses and offer to review their products. They will be more willing to go ahead with this if you can show you have an audience. They will prefer someone with a platform that their product and business can benefit from. Again, it’s best to focus on writing reviews for relevant products. This way, both you and the business you’re reviewing can benefit from the content.

  1. Sell your stuff

When writing a blog post, you could write a blog based on something you are trying to sell. For example, a retail business could write a blog about the hottest trends this Summer. Then, use links within the blog to any relevant clothes the reader can buy.

Link in photos from your Instagram to help grow your social media as an influencer. The more of a following you have; the more likely businesses will want to work with you. This makes it easier to become an affiliate and sell your own products.

Finding your niche is a great way to develop your content. Eco-friendly or affordable fashion are some examples. Or, if you write travel blogs, maybe your niche could be road trips or camping. This also relates to section four where we talked about writing guest blogs. The more of a niche you have, the more likely you can stand out.

Our team

We would love to hear about your business goals, so why not contact us and speak to one of our team? We can brainstorm how we can produce the best website for you. Then, we will use our experience to make recommendations. We pride ourselves on delivering results. We will provide you with predicted outcomes so that you can make an informed decision. If you give us the go ahead, we will provide you with a quote. Our team will then get to work on creating the website of your dreams!

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